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About Me
Meet the artist...
A few words about me and how I became a full-time roses and castles artist!
As seen on TV and in print...
BBC Two - Escape to the Country // Theo Paphitis' #SBS winner // UK Boating TV - watch online // Period Homes and Interiors - magazine article // Northampton Chronicle & Echo - local interest
Meet the artist...

I was born in 1963 in South Yorkshire, the youngest of six children. My father and my mother chose to end their early professions as coal miner and hotel cook to pursue life as steward and stewardess of public houses, which had a huge impact on the way my life was to develop - moving from place to place.

It was back in the 1970s when my parents finally settled in Stockport, Cheshire, where, as a young boy, I had my first taste of narrow boating. Three boats, with twelve lads per boat, on a school outing. It was terrific tripping through the industrial city of Birmingham. I had so much fun. So much, in fact, that I took part in the next two school canal trips. I think what excited me at the time was being away from home for a week with my school chums. The narrow boats we hired were from a company in Middlewich and were all named after trees: Sycamore, Oak and Poplar. Each vessel a thing of beauty painted in traditional colours adorned with the castles and roses that are commonplace in canal boat art. It wasn’t until later in life, though, that my interest in this art form began.

At an age when I was able to hire a boat for myself, I took the opportunity to introduce my daughter Stacey to the canals of Great Britain. I was now taking more time to really see the things around me: the beautiful countryside, the sometimes-amazing wildlife, and the beautiful boats in their finery - glossy coats shining in the morning sunlight. You can really respect what many owners have done with their pride and joy, and, as you slowly pass them by, you can’t help but smile (even chuckle) at some of the names they choose to call their crafts. Most of all, though, I admired the colourful paraphernalia displayed on many of the narrow boats and in the canal side stores. The simplicity with which the art is applied and the splendour of what it can become. It was this that appealed to me most as I dusted off my old paintbrushes and began to bring the life back into traditional items found on the canals.

I hope that my artwork, in its naive primitive style, can show the beauty that can be found in this traditional British Folk Art - an art that I have grown to love and a history that I have learned to cherish.

Finally I would like to thank my wife Christina, who helped me immensely in getting this site up and running. She is truly a wonderful person and my best friend. I love her dearly.

As seen on...
Theo Paphitis: Small Business Sunday (#SBS) winner!

I received a business boost from TV Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis when I tweeted Theo about my artwork during ‘Small Business Sunday’, an initiative set up by Theo that runs weekly. I was delighted to be named as one of the winners on Christmas Eve 2012, meaning he re-tweeted my message to over 300 000 followers!

Canal Art by Terence now has a profile on the dedicated website at www.theopaphitissbs.com/profile/CanalArts
BBC Two: Escape to the Country, Northamptonshire

When the BBC was going to be filming Escape to the Country in Northamptonshire, I was delighted that they invited me to be part of the ‘local interest’ segment in the Christmas Eve 2011 edition of this long-running show.

Filmed at Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum, where I run my two-day Roses & Castles courses twice each year, I had an entertaining afternoon explaining a little of the history of this wonderful art-form as well as teaching the presenter, Nicki Chapman, how to paint a Braunston rose!

It was exciting to be part of such a well-known show and wonderful for the Grand Union Canal to be recognised as such an attractive feature in the county.
Magazine feature: Period Homes and Interiors

Amongst the pages of this monthly interiors magazine for ‘homes with character and charm’, my work was featured in a colourful multi-page article extolling the beauty of this lovely traditional style in April 2012.

As the editors enjoyed writing the article and admired the artwork, they have since attended one of my two-day courses and are planning to run a further item in their ‘travel’ feature in summer 2013.
Local interest: Northampton Chronicle & Echo

September 2012 saw my local paper take an interest in my work, and particularly the fact that I enjoy passing on the skills of the craft through courses.

I never thought I would see my face on the front of the TV guide!

The full article is online at www.northamptonchron.co.uk/course-teaches-traditions-of-canal-artwork-1-4239044
Watch online: UK Boating TV

UK Boating is a TV show for the inland waterways & boating community, produced continuously since 2007.

The feature begins with Brian Collings, a lovely chap and notable expert on the traditions of this artwork, having been painting in the style since the last of the carrying days. They then spend some time with me in which I introduce some of the traditional items that I enjoy painting so much.

You can watch this episode of UK Boating TV (shown on Sky and Freesat) online at www.uk-boating.tv/videos?vid=109 (originally aired April 2012)
Travel guide review: Period Homes and Interiors

As promised, this monthly interiors magazine for ‘homes with character and charm’, having featured my artwork in one of their editions in 2012, booked onto my Roses and Castles course at Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum to give it a try for themselves.

They certainly seemed to enjoy themselves as I was delighted to be picked out as the 'highlight' in their watery travel feature!

Trade on the cut: Tillergraph

I was delighted to be interviewed by a reporter for this glossy waterways magazine (sister to 'Canal Boat'). After a lovely talk, they created this feature about me and my painting in their February 2013 edition.

You can download and read editions of the Tillergraph by downloading their 'app' for iPhones and iPads.
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