Artwork: Canalware: Special Commissions

If you have an item you would like to see decorated in the traditional 'Roses & Castles' style,
please contact me to discuss your requirements.

An unusual but very exciting commission - cabin door panels to feature herons for Blackstone. Hope you enjoy them Liz and Carl!
Tall Cabinet
A beautiful piece of boat furniture!
Jonah's Ark
An original table flap and bed board given a new lease of life aboard Jonah's Ark.
Narrowboat 'Drift' sporting a new set of cabin doors.
Back Cabin Steps
Having been pleased with the outcome of his 3 gallon water can, Chris (the new owner of Jonah's
Ark) commissioned me to paint an unusual item - steps for exiting his boat's back cabin. But due to
my standard of quality he felt he just couldn't bring himself to put his feet on the rungs!
Little Pearl
Ron aboard 'Perelka' showing off his new set of cabin door panels, the bottom panels being
personalised with oyster shells ('Perelka' meaning 'little pearl').
Pigeon Box
If ever there was an apt name for a boat then 'Pathfinder' is surely it! The
owners, Sue and John, purchased a water jug from me off eBay, which led
them to contact me for a commission of the exhaust box for their boat. Who
could know that this would lead them to purchase numerous items, such as...
Horse Nose Bowl
...this wonderful horse nose bowl, which gave me great pleasure in painting and I'm sure will look fabulous
aboard their boat. The next item below...
Masthead Lamp
...John noticed on his visit to my workshop. It was only half painted but he liked it
so much that he told me he wanted it on completion. The lamp is an old railway
lamp but had been converted for use as a masthead lamp.

I would just like to thank John and Sue, who are a lovely couple, and I hope that
my work brightens up every canal trip they take aboard Pathfinder.
Joint Effort!
A wonderful set of cabin doors created by a Master of the Waterways Craft Guild and a good
friend, Dave Moore. The inset panels feature apple blossoms painted by myself.
Birthday Treat
Having painted things before for husband Paul, wife Sarah Jane contacted me to paint a pair of milkchurns as a surprise for Paul's birthday.
Keeping it a secret was a challenge - I even had to change my usual packaging so that he wouldn't recognise it! Now that the date has
passed, I can finally put the photos up on this site with no worries. Many thanks to Sarah Jane and Paul. Happy boating!
An Unusual Request
Having found me through the website of my good friend, Rosie
Hardman-Ixer, lovely lady Jan Asling contacted me for a side table
and cabin stool with a colour scheme of brown, cream and peach,
which is not 'the norm' for a traditional canal painter but a treat
all the same. Also, instead of the usual colourful castle scenes I
paint she asked me for pictures of two of her favourite puppies - a
Yorkie and a Poodle, which was a welcome change.
Many thanks Jan!
50th birthday treat
The cabin stool on the right was then painted for a birthday treat for
Jan's sister, featuring two West Highland Terriers.
Happy 50th Birthday, Julie!
Restoration Job
I was reluctant, at first, to repaint this old can as I thought it was beautiful in its own right so I decided to run it past two 'canal brains', Dave Moore
and Phil Speight, and they agreed that a couple of things were really letting it down - the spill of white paint on the front and a considerable amount
of chipped paintwork. The decision was to go ahead and renovate the can - bringing it from deteriorated beauty to modern beauty - keeping to the
original layout but with my own style. So keep an eye out for Liz and Carl aboard Blackstone with this can.
The Age of the Internet
When I first started my website, I never guessed how popular it could be and the requests people would make. This is the latest
commission I have completed for Ruth after she found my website whilst searching for a wedding gift for her Father. Congratulations
to Colin and Carole and best wishes for your big day on January 13th. I hope you like your thoughtful gift from your daughter and
that I get to meet you both one day on the canals.
Tiffin Tin
Above are photographs of a tiffin tin, painted for a good friend, Rosie Hardman-Ixer.
(Check out her website, where you will be able to purchase her fabulous folk-music.)
It's A Small World!
I was commissioned to paint a pair of blue trough planters by Liz and Carl and also a large watering can with their boat name on. Their
boat is named 'Blackstone' after the Stockport-based engineering firm 'Mirrlees Blackstone' (their boat being one of two - the other
being 'Mirrlees'). Now here is the small world connection... My working life started at Mirrlees Blackstone as a lowly apprentice
electrician culminating in 14 years loyal service. What a small world we live in!
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